What is Danjo Denim?

danjo denim ~A denim brand for jean jackets~

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Make new designs of jean jackets

Why are there so many jean jackets with similar designs? They all look like reproductions of the Levi’s Type II and III. Why don’t jean jackets look to fit the body better? Why aren’t there jean jackets with more creative designs? Why is there no brand specializing in jean jackets? Denim brands keep making jeans. Well, let’s make a brand then.

I’ve worn jean jackets since I was in high school. As I continued to wear them, my ideas like “I would want to buy jean jacket design like this…” continued to pile up. The jean jackets I make come from these ideas. I design, choose materials, make patterns, cut cloth, sew, and put on the completed jacket then fix the parts I don’t like then… repeat.

Compared to jeans, the market size for jean jackets is much smaller. In casual clothing stores, you usually only find jean jackets being sold in a very small section in the corner. The sales of jean jackets are affected by season and trends and the number sold is much smaller than jeans so it is understandable why companies were not being very creative in coming up with new designs. If you want a new design, an individual or a small company with strong passion for jean jackets should step up. That’s the better way.

Although there are countless numbers of fashion designers, how many actually wear jean jackets so much so that they wear it to their high school graduation ceremonies? I wanted to make ideal jean jackets so I moved from Ibaraki Prefecture all the way to Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. It’s not that I like fashion. I like jean jackets. If you are looking for unique jean jackets, be sure to check out jean jackets at Danjo Denim.

Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

In 2017, Danjo Denim was founded in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. The jeans made in Okayama are now well known overseas as well. Kojima Okayama in particular is home to many textile traders because it is where Japanese jeans making originated. Kojima is a unique place in that many professionals are within a driving distance. The variety of professionals include fabric makers, material dealers selling threads/buttons/zippers, pattern shops, stores specialized in attaching buttons, sewing machine shops, sewing factories, presswork shops, weathering shops, etc. There are other places in Japan that produce textile but there aren’t many places like Kojima where all the professionals are in the neighborhood selling their products. Danjo Denim products are made with the support of these local production powers.


High Neck Jean Jacket

The silhouette of this jean jacket was completed after improving orthodox jean jacket patterns to how I like it. Initially, I made it the standard color like attached sleeves of school uniforms. However, it looked “too busy with collar point material overlapping” so I sewed the collar and the body part together to make it a collar like ao dai. Much care was put into the design including a piping pocket, 7cm wide cuffs, facing using the back of the denim, embroiled production month, and concealed brand tag. Our brand tag is based on the silhouette of this product.

Button Down Jean Jacket

Collars were attached to a high-necked jean jacket fixated with size smaller 14mm buttons. Buttons were fixated to avoid buttons from dangling due to washing or aging. There are many button-down shirts but there are not many shirts with thick denim material like a jean jacket.

Tailor Collar Jean Jacket

Are there any denims that can be worn as a semiformal? Nowadays, denim suits are becoming more common, but most of these jackets are worn like actual suit jackets using thin materials that do not fade in color. This jacket uses real denim and the color fades as a result. When you wear it with white dress shirts, please watch out for color staining. Normally, suits need to be dry cleaned regularly but this denim jackets do not require it. Please wear it casually.

Tailor Collar Coat

I made the design as simple as possible to make the color fade stand out. It would be cool if you wear this jacket even when you turn 80 years old. It’s a coat that adds another joy to aging.

Asymmetry Denim Coat

It’s a coat like the ones in my favorite movie “The Matrix.” How could I make a coat that matches the worldview from the movie? The zipper can be opened from the top and the bottom so the opening range can be adjusted depending on the length of the legs.

Asymmetry Jean Jacket

Asymmetric designs require more efforts cutting cloth and is more prone to mistakes during the sewing process. Even then, I wanted to make this silhouette. When color fades, there is strange appeal to it with an antique feel added to this unique design.


Patched pockets look unavoidably casual. I wanted to keep the formal look so I made it a piping pocket. No other material was used at the back but denim. To avoid color staining on the clothes worn underneath, the edges do not have any rolled hemming and the facing at the back of the denim was used for sewing instead.

Wide Pants

I wanted to design a pair of pants that match my jean jacket. The waist size is adjusted using the belt at both sides. To make the legs appear long when walking, I made the width above the groin area narrow. As the jean jacket is tight and the pants are wide, the combination could achieve the A shaped silhouette that I like. All products including the jean jacket uses the same materials so the jackets and pants can be combined naturally.

The Advantages of denim

Color fade

By the way, doesn’t an old temple that’s aged over the years feel more historically distinguished than a shiny new temple?

In this picture, you can see the product from the previous page has been weathered by a professional in Kojima. What do you think? The same material looks so different. This is the appeal of denim. When the color fades over the years, it will have a unique look that only you own.

Unique character of denim

Fashion speaks about one’s character. What do I think of someone who wears a color faded denim? Someone who is not easily swayed. It takes 1-2 years of wearing denim every day to make the color of non-wash denim fade. The natural color fade is an indication that you are someone with a sense of continuity, that you are someone who doesn’t change his taste every other day. You don’t need to do anything special to make the color fade. Just continue to wear it. Just wash it. When I see repairs on a denim, I see “someone who takes care of their belonging.” Clothes are cheap these days and it takes someone with a belief to take care of their clothes and wear it for a long time. Don’t you want to make friends with someone who loves the same item for a long time?

Left-handedness, always putting Frisk in the pocket, folding the arms often… how the color fades is affected by the character of the person. The color fade contains history and character of the wearer. Looking at it is a good ice breaker. “Do you happen to like Frisk?”

Pass it down to the next generation

Turning 40, I can still wear the jean jacket that I used to wear in high school as a teenager. I would still be able to wear it when I turn 80. Denim is a fashion that can be worn across generations. Doesn’t everyone want a piece of clothing that can be worn for life?

If you have it repaired by a professional, you should be able to pass it down for generations. Even when you don’t want to throw away the clothes that you have taken care of for many years, the appeal of denim is that you can pass it on to your child or young relatives. It’s an item you can leave behind even after you pass away… is that saying too much? By the way, there are vintage jeans from 100 years ago still in the world. Denim with polyurethane mixed in it are comfortable to wear but it causes hydrolysis so it would be difficult to keep it for decades. If you want to pass it down to the second or third generations, the 100% cotton denim are recommended.

No maintenance. No stress.

You don’t need to do any maintenance on your denim. Fades, frays, some stains give a “feel” to it. There’s no negativity associated with a clothing being worn out. There’s positivity of aging when you continue to wear it. What other clothing offer that? No dry cleaning needed, washable, color fades look good, and can be repaired. A material with no maintenance and no stress. That’s denim.